How we can help

Can out-sourcing really work for you?

As your business grows and changes, you need expert help. Tax and Strategy Limited will take care of your finances, allowing you to take care of business. We have a strong team providing the full range of accounting, payroll and bookkeeping services you need.

Meet your new finance department

Whether you’ve just started out, or you’ve been going for a while, every successful business needs a solid finance department. We can help you understand your financial situation, give you regular financial advice and help you manage risk.

Need a financial plan?

A solid financial plan is crucial to the success of your business. We’ll work with you to ensure accurate business budgeting, help you raise finance, increase working capital and reduce debts.

Paperwork piling up?

You’re no expert in finance, but that’s ok, we are! Allow us to manage your payroll, bookkeeping and much more.

Could you do with an extra pair of hands?

Perhaps your Financial Director has retired, you’re short staffed due to sickness or you need short-term maternity cover? By allowing us to assist you and take care of your finances, you’re putting your business in safe hands.

Need expert help with business projects?

Our team has a wealth of knowledge and experience helping companies like yours make successful business decisions. We’re experts in funding applications and project evaluations, so whether it’s a sounding board you need, or somebody to manage your projects completely, we can do the job.

Over the moon with your accountancy firm?

Or are they just doing the bare minimum? We’re passionate about the businesses we work with and pull out all the stops to make you happy with our service. If your accountancy firm doesn’t do that, give us a try.

Rather be working on your business than the finances?

Free up hours of your time for real business issues, and let us take care of the everyday finances.

Can’t afford a full-time finance team?

Outsource your finance department to us. You’ll have all the benefits of a highly qualified bookkeeper, accountant and finance director, but at a cost effective rate.

Need a solution that’s just right for you?

You might need help with just one, or all of these situations. We can help with any job, big or small, and any size organisation. Just tell us what you need. We can even work alongside your existing accountants.

More than just accountants